Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Milton Burning

So, I finally got off of work early today and decided to head out to Holt to look at some property out that way... Just one problem. I had barely gotten on the Interstate and gotten up to speed when we all came to a sudden halt. We creeped along for a bit and I wondered what the heck?! Turns out there was a wildfire burning between the bridge and the Avalon Blvd exit, so I was put off the Interstate at the very next exit after the one I had just gotten on. Oh well.. I decided to make the best of it and changed my mind about looking at the property today. They dumped me off the Interstate right in front of Dairy Queen. I watched the smoke and the fire in the distance for a bit, while I ate a small mint oreo blizzard. :-)

I was really hoping you would be able to see the flames better in this one. They really kicked up for a few minutes and from this angle, seemed to be lapping at the end of the bridge.

One of the other detoured travellers was coming from Texas. He and his passenger are meeting some friends down in Stuart for a golfing trip. He said he always brings Gumby with him and takes a picture of him where ever he goes. His friend was obviously embarrassed by this, as he took a few steps back when Gumby came out and tried to pretend like he didn't know the guy... but I thought it was awesome and had to get a picture of him too!!


sheltiemom said...

A Blizzard sounds yummy! I'm sorry FL is on fire again and I love the Gumby!

Heather said...

Where's Gumby's side kick Pokey?
MMMMM, Blizzard. haven't had one in a while-other than the real snow blizzard crap we had, but a DQ blizzard- sound like a yummy thought!